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New Contest Rules

It's Elite Autosport's fourth annual Elite Extreme Excellence Driver Awards.  The goal is to reward superior performance  among the Elite Autosport drivers.  Trophies will be presented to the Top 3 Point winners. 

Following are the rules for 2014:

  1. Every Elite full prep and rental driver is automatically entered in the contest.
  2. Every driver that finishes a race will earn 1 point for finishing. 
  3. Points are awarded based on your actual place in the race.
  4. For National and Regional SCCA races, points are awarded through 25th position.
  5. For Midwest Council races, except for The LLLOONNGGG RACE, points are awarded through12th position.
  6. No points are earned for a DNF or DNS, regardless of place.
  7. The winning driver earns an extra point for winning.
  8. Only your seven best race finishes will count as part of the contest. (This way, if you have a DNF or drove "less than your best" during a race, you still have a chance to win the contest.) 
  9. You don't need to participate in seven races--you can run six races and still participate in the contest. Of course, you can do the math. Your chances of winning are reduced if you don't run in seven qualifying races. 
  10. First, Second and Third place trophies will be awarded based on points only.
    In the event of a tie, the best finish obtained by a driver will determine the winner. For example, if two drivers have 80 points and Driver A's best finish was second and Driver B's best finish was fourth, driver A would win and Driver B would be second.  
  11. Other awards include:
    • Most Improved Driver - Elite full prep and rental customers. 
    • High Intensity
    All awards chosen by Elite staff, except Driver's Choice award.
  12. If you have ideas for other awards that we may want to consider, please let Beau know or send an e-mail.
  13. Results will be posted on a weekly basis, provided there was a race that week. The webmaster will make every attempt to have the standings updated by Monday afternoon after a race. 

Finish Points for National and Regional Races

First Place 26  
14th Place
Second Place 24  
15th Place
Third Place 23  
16th Place
Fourth Place 22  
17th Place
Fifth Place 21  
18th Place
Sixth Place 20  
19th Place
Seventh Place 19  
20th Place
Eighth Place 18  

21st Place

Ninth Place 17   22nd Place 4
Tenth Place 16   23rd Place 3
11th Place
15 24th Place 2
12th Place
14 25th Place 1
13th Place

Finish Points for Midwest Council Races

First Place 13   Seventh Place 6
Second Place 11   Eighth Place 5
Third Place 10   Ninth Place 4
Fourth Place 9   Tenth Place 3
Fifth Place 8  
11th Place
Sixth Place 7  
12th Place


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