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So You Want to Race?

What do I need to know?

If you are interested, but don't know the first thing about racing, this is a good page to start on. SCCA's Club Racing program is designed to fulfill the need of the "amateur athlete."

Club Racing

It is a comprehensive, nationwide program featuring races held throughout the year that cater to the driver that prefers ( or has to) to test his or her skill on a part-time basis, rather than compete full-time on SCCA's professional circuits. Nevertheless, because the competition at the club level is so fierce, many professionals also participate in this program to further hone their skills and compete at SCCA's Valvoline Runoffs®. (Only the top amateur drivers in each division are invited to compete in this annual event.)

To get started, you must attend two driver's schools. You can attend a professional driver's school, such as Skip Barber, or SCCA drivers schools. The first license you receive is a regional race license. With this license, you can participate in regional races. There are over 2,000 SCCA members who hold regional competition licenses and who usually only compete at races in their own area of the country. After six Regional events, the SCCA Club Racer is ready for National competition. With this license, you can participate in either regional or national events. To keep your license current, you must participate in a set number of races each year.

What Car to Drive?

The next decision is what kind of car do you want to drive? The SCCA sanctions many different classes of cars for racing. Some classes are sparsely populated, as various cars and engine types fall in and out of favor. Before making a final selection, attend a few races and judge for yourself which categories offer good competition.

Many drivers prefer the "spec racing" categories to others. With a "spec series" the engines are identical and come from the factory sealed, so they can't be manipulated in any way.

Spec Categories

Sports Racers are purpose-built race cars with sealed engines to guarantee an equal playing field. These classes showcase driver talent since all of the cars are created equal. The SCCA Spec Racer Ford (SRF) is the most popular class in the history of SCCA with engines produced by Roush Racing.

Elite Autosport offers rental opportunities with Spec Racers. You can rent a car and attend a driver's school and be on your way to racing competitively in just one weekend!! To find out when the next driver's school will be offered, go to the schedule and look in the first column marked school.

Spec Racer Fords
The SCCA logs the number of entrants in each class in the SCCA's 63 National club racing events. SRFs earned a 27.4 five division average. The next closest classes were Formula Continental with a 16.8 five division average and Formula Vee with a 16.2 five division average.

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