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Cars and Services Offered by Elite Autosport

Rent Us!

Most race drivers, frankly, start out renting. They attend a couple of SCCA racing schools, mandatory for obtaining your license, and then compete in several more races during the year. If you want to maintain a schedule of at least six races, that's when the decision to buy usually starts making sense. 

You have two options--buy new or buy used. If you buy a used car, be sure you understand the history of the car and the driver. Do some research. Also, learn who maintained the car. This is one benefit of buying a car from Elite Autosport, as we maintain driver-owned cars. You'll know the history of the car and can see the high-quality care given to the car.

Of course, there is a lot to be said for a shiny, brand new car. There are a lot of options. Elite Autosport can tell you which options are worth the price and which are purely cosmetic. Information about prices for rentals and full-prep services are below. 

Cars Available

Elite Autosport is a customer service representative for Spec Racer Fords. These cars can be rented on a race-by-race basis or if you are interested in purchasing a car, Elite can help with that as well. 


Elite Autosport offers complete "arrive and drive" services for both rentals and driver-owned cars. We bring the cars to the track, provide the crew, the parts and driving tips!  Elite will also store your car for the winter and can perform complete frame-offs, engine replacements and repair service.

Elite offers lapping days, in conjunction with races at BlackHawk. Lapping is done the day before a race event and allows drivers to practice the track. Great for novices and experts, as well! 

If you like servicing your car at the track, but need help with the "big stuff," Elite can handle that as well. These are our "service assisted" drivers. They own their cars and perform most of the service work themselves, but rely on Elite Autosport for major repairs or off-season frame-offs, etc. 

2008 Pricing on Rentals and Full Prep Maintenance for SRF

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