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Bartuska, Marinangel and Coon Take Wins

Three winners, how can that be? Well we have SRF 3 and SRF.  In SRF 3, congrats to Jim Marinangel, Car 5 and Rick Bartuska, Car 15 for their wins this weekend! Congrats also to Owen Coon, Car 8, who won both SRF races.  who finished 2nd in both races and Paul Jankovskis, Car 86, and Mark Hutchins, Car 95, who finished 3rd on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. 

Saturday results: SRF3: James Marinangel, Car 5, 1st, Rick Bartuska, Car 15, 2nd; Peter Jankovskis, Car 6, 3rd; Mark Hutchins, Car 95,  4th, and Paul Jankovskis, Car 86, 5th.

Sunday results: SRF3: Rick Bartuska, Car 15, 1st; Peter Jankovskis, Car 6, 2nd; James Marinangel, Car 5, 3rd;  Mark Hutchins, Car 95, 4th; and Paul Jankovskis, Car 86, 5th.

Saturday results: SRF:  Owen Coon, Car 8, 1st; Mark Fogarty, Car 16, 2nd; Bob Lojkovic, Car 65, 3rd, Doug Loughead, Car 34, 4th, Fred Sasser, Car 72, 6th, Martin Wiedenhoeft, Car 3, 7th; David Tatge, Car 02, 10th, Michael Pesch, Car 73, 13th, and Elizabeth Martin, Car 03, 14th.

Sunday results: SRF: Owen Coon, Car 8, 1st; Fred Sasser, Car 72, 3rd;  Doug Loughead, Car 34, 4th, Bob Lojkovic, Car 65, 5th; Mark Fogarty, Car 16, 6th; Martin Wiedenhoeft, Car 3, 9th; David Targe, Car 02, 10th, Scott Sanda, Car 73, 12th; and Elizabeth Martin, Car 03, 14th.

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April 25, 2015
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April 26, 2015
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